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Clean Green Carpet Cleaning St. Louis

3915 Dalton Industrial Drive
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044

Preparing For Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing Clean Green! We are sure you will be glad you chose us. We pride ourselves in making this the best cleaning experience you have ever had. If at anytime, we fail to meet your expectations, please Contact Us or call 636.245.0450. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will return and make it right with a free redo. To prepare for your carpet & air duct cleanings, please have all objects and clutter out of the way along with any fragile items-this includes removing any items in front of, or around vents for duct cleaning. We would appreciate any furniture you want moved to be removed from the area. Our technicians are available to help you move a few items or slide a couch upon request, but they will not move or disassemble beds, pianos, or other fragile or heavy items. We will provide Styrofoam blocks to put under the feet of your furniture.

Arrival Time

When scheduling your appointment you were given an arrival window. We typically offer an 8-10, 10-Noon, Noon-2, or 2-4 arrival window. This is the window in which the technician can arrive. While booking online you will be given a time, for instance 8:00. We schedule 2 hour windows. So if your appointment confirmation or reminder says 8:00, your arrival window is the following 2 hours, ie. 8-10. The technician can arrive anytime between 8-10am, meaning he could arrive to start at 9:45. There is so much variation in how carpets are cleaned, their size, how dirty they are, etc.. We need this small two hour minimum arrival time. You can request a "Call First", so that you can run errands, leave work, etc. unless you are planning on being home during your arrival window.

Thank you for your Business

We are so pleased for the chance to clean your home or office. Our certified technicians will ensure that you are satisfied. Although they will come prepared with a copy of what we talked about on the phone so that there is no confusion as to what needs to be done, and for what price, please review any questions before job commencement. They will provide you with excellent service and we give them the ultimate say in dealing with your needs since they are there on site to see everything. Please review us on any service or social networking sites. Remember we do have a TRUE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not satisfied, you do not have to pay for the services until you are! Let us make you a customer for life!

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