4 Ways to Keep Mold Out!

Tune in to the top 4 ways to promote mold prevention in your air ducts!

Keep Your Air Ducts Dry and Promote Mold Prevention

One common issue for homeowners and business owners, especially during warm seasons, is mold buildup. When mold decides to camp out in your home, the health benefits, odors, and general air quality are compromised. If you are already experiencing symptoms or notice signs of a mold infestation, please call a professional to take care of the problem.

However, if you are looking for ways to prevent mold growth in your home or facility, take it from the Clean Green air duct and cleaning professionals. We represent carpet, tile, and air duct cleaning for the entire St. Louis area.

Here are four steps to help you with mold prevention:

  1. Repair Leaks & Water Damage
  2. Check Insulation
  3. Seal Ducts Properly
  4. Ensure AC is the Proper Size

From Expert St. Louis Air Duct Cleaners

Repair Leaks

Mold needs moisture to thrive. Repair leaks and water damage, whether old or new, immediately to avoid mold finding a habitable place to live and grow!

Seal Ducts Properly

If you have non-air-conditioned spaces in your home or professional facility, ensure that your air ducts are properly sealed and insulated. This will help keep the area dry and free of mold buildup.

Check Insulation

The cooling coils in your ac unit or furnace help to remove water from the air. Make sure to check the insulation under these coils for any wet spots. the clearer your insulation, the less chance mold has to inhabit and grow in your space.

Ensure AC Is The Proper Size

When replacing an air conditioning system, ensure that the unit is the proper size and that all ducts are sealed at the joints. Any open spaces can gather moisture easily.

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